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Monty Lesh, Broker / Owner

Monty Lesh, Broker / Owner


Monty Lesh was raised on a ranch located in Montana’s historic Custer County.

That first sentence pretty much tells the story of Monty: he is deeply rooted in the land; he knows farming and ranching; he has an honest, energetic, diligent work ethic; he’s a true Montana man. But when you’re selecting someone to work with closely, while you make the crucial decisions regarding real estate purchasing or sales, it’s important to know everything.

Monty’s earliest years guided him down a path of farming and ranching, and, like other young Montana men of his ilk, left him with a strong desire to serve his country. So he signed up for a tour in the United States Navy.

After his military service was completed, Monty weighed his options and decided to add to his practical farming and ranching experience with some formal education. A few short years later, he graduated from Montana State University with a BS Degree in Agricultural Business. It was this agricultural degree that fleshed-out Monty’s perception, and allowed him to clearly define his career path.

Studying the actual business of farm and ranch operations showed Monty the paramount importance of real estate. He spent the next 21 years helping people acquire real estate loans as both a senior lender and a bank president. As a result of spending over two decades in the real estate finance business, he became proficient in all of the various, often complex, processes of real estate acquisition and sales. To enhance his ability to serve his clients, Monty attended the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Monty’s extensive real estate banking experiences directly led to the founding of Lesh & Company Real Estate, LLC. Monty knew that good real estate financing was critical, but he also knew that finding and purchasing the right real estate was just as critical: whether it was a small home, an investment property or a vast farm or ranch. He also knew that the proper marketing and sale of real estate was an equally important part of his personal real estate mantra: “A good deal is good for everyone!”

Now that you know a bit more about Monty, maybe you’ll have a new understanding of his favorite catchphrase: “You get more with Lesh.” The fact is, you do get more – you get Monty Lesh. Monty is clearly a lot more than simply a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Monty is involved with many community, civic and professional organizations including: the School Board, the Miles City Chamber of Commerce, the Montana History Foundation, the Southeastern MT Development Corporation, the MSU Ag Experiment Station Advisory Board, NAR, MAR, the Montana Stockgrowers Association and the Methodist Church.

Monty prefers to spend his precious free time with his family – especially following the activities of his kids, but he also enjoys playing contract bridge, fishing, hunting and the occasional round of golf.


Sherry Lesh, Executive Assistant

Sherry Lesh, Executive Assistant


Monty and his wife, Sherry, have raised their four children (Megan, Katie, Shayla and Wyatt) in Miles City, Montana. Over the years, Sherry, who is a teacher in Miles City, has become an invaluable asset to Lesh & Company and serves the needs of the organization in myriad ways.


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